*Review* JoJo’s Chocolate Bark


If you already know me, you know I have a bit of an addiction to entering sweepstakes and contests.  That’s how I was introduced to this amazing product!  Don’t let the stigma of sweepers fool you, we’re not out to just win free stuff!  More often than not, we find something we really love and end up buying it again and again.  This particular product will likely be one of those products for me!

If you love chocolate, and sweets, but you REALLY want to cut down on the amount of sugar you’re putting in your body this is a fantastic alternative.  These really hit the spot for me, and they are a pretty decent size too!  One bar is about the size of a regular sized

Snickers bar, but I actually feel like it tastes sweeter, and more filling than that or any other candy bar.  It’s jam packed with Dried Cranberries, Raw Pistachios, & Raw Almonds.


Normally after every meal I need that sweet little treat, my mom is the same way, some people think we are weird!  A month’s supply of these goes a long way for me, as I’ve been snapping them in half any time I want that sweet little indulgence.


You can order your own JoJo’s Chocolate Bark by visiting JoJosChocolate.com.  You can purchase one single bag for $13.99, which averages out to $2 a bar, which honestly isn’t that bad!  Or if you Join Team JOJO’s Autoship program you can get a bag for as little as $11.89 (or just $1.79 a bar!).

If you’re really in love with JoJo’s Chocolate Bark, you can order it in bigger shipments, as large as a month’s worth for $47.99, making it just $1.71 per bar and you’ll receive 4 bags! You can even pick how often you want your shipment to come in, monthly, every 2 months or even every 3 months.  On your 5th Shipment, you get this cool sweatshirt too!  I happened to win one of them alongside my month supply of these awesome treats!


I’m just finishing up my first bag of these delicious healthier than the alternative treats, but I see myself coming back for more in the future!  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try these.

I did not receive this product from JoJo’s.  I received it from an alternate source that partnered with them for an Instagram Giveaway and I just  happened to win at random.  I reviewed this product here of my own free will, and did not receive any compensation from JoJo’s or any other source for doing so.

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