So My Amazon Account Was Closed…

It was only for a little more than a week due to a glitch in the system, or a hack, or to be completely honest I’m not sure.  I don’t like it, whatever it is, and starting my own site for my reviews instead of posting them on Amazon seems like the best option.


What makes me angry the most is I received the above email more than a week after my account was shut down, and when I called them to ask them why my account was closed they said that I had closed it.  That was complete nonsense, why would I close my account down when I had orders still processing and Amazon Gift Cards still attached to my account?  Complete. Nonsense.  Notice below their reinstatement to my account, a completely different reasoning as to why they previously closed my account.


Covering their butts it seems.  Although there was no unusual activity to any items I purchased, they were all purchased by me!  They haven’t given any compensation for anything in regarding to this matter either, which is very disconcerting.  I paid for a full month of Amazon Prime services, and had to go over a week without being able to even log into my account, and they think it’s okay.  There are hundreds of angry people about this, some of which even had fraudulent activity on their credit cards due to this matter.  It just makes me very upset that a company of this size can just pretend that nothing ever happened, and so many people are left in the dark and expected to ignore the fact that their private information was at risk.  What are your thoughts on this?

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